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prime wrote:

evoprox wrote:

Agreed on the bigger sensor, preferably one-inch. The body doesn't necessarily need to be significantly larger - see m43 snappers like the E-PL5 or APS-C cameras like the NEX series. However the lens for a one-inch sensor would be somewhat larger than that on the X10/X10 if it'd keep the current specs - 28-112mm (FF equiv)/f2-2.8.

The Sony RX100 manages to get to 100 mm equivalent (37.1 mm actual) at the long end with a 1" sensor; the RX100's lens has a 7.6 mm actual aperture -- which limits the RX100 to f/4.9 at the long end. Didn't you think that a maximum aperture of f/4.9 at 100 mm equivalent (on the Fujifilm XF1) is unacceptably slow?

If you were to make a lens that had an f/2.8 aperture at 112 mm equivalent on a camera with a 1" sensor, the actual aperture opening would have to be 14.7 mm, nearly double the actual aperture of the RX100's lens. Look at the Sony RX100: that lens sticks out pretty far (acknowledged: that the aperture size requirements relate to barrel diameter rather than to how far the lens extends from the camera body) from the body even when retracted, and occupies a lot of space in toto.

Could you live with a lens nearly double the size of the RX100's lens on an X20 successor camera?

Yes. See below.

For me that lens is just perfect as it is, an extended zoom range or faster openings would quickly make it too large for a 'compact' camera.

After considering the size of lens required for equivalent 112 mm f/2.8 on a camera with a 1" sensor, do you think it would not be "too large for a 'compact' camera"?

Well, agreed on the length as the critical dimension regarding 'compactness' (vs. diameter) and thus pretty much depends on how collapsible such a lens could be realised - see your XF1, the X10/20 or any of the current 10+X super stretch travel zoom snappers (1/2.3" sensors). I'd rather see some of the long end/versatility sacrificed, e.g. 3x (28-84mm) instead of 4x (28-112mm) if they only keep the f2-2.8

84 vs. 112mm wouldn't be too much of a loss in my book (all my current FF lenses fall in that range). For me the only reason to upgrade from my trusty X10 would be a one-inch sensor together with a reasonably fast and flexible lens, even if it would be somewhat larger. I have no need for yet another half-assed 2/3" follow-up.

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