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Re: I miss your judge for 6D

King Redshirt wrote:

sean lancaster wrote:

King Redshirt wrote:

And for that NEX having great low light.... just no... if you use that mode that takes like 5-6 jpegs and stiches them together then yes... it will beat my camera phone.. if you leave it in raw.. then no its not as imressive.. yes you can leave the shutter open on a tripod and controll it manually..... but all things being equal on automatic.. camera phone wins.. the raw's looked so noisy and bandy.

Who made the claim that the 3N has great low light performance? And what camera phone are you using to shoot raw (never mind that anyone shooting raw is doing it wrong if they don't post process)? I think perhaps I am the only one to even address this and I merely claimed that it's far better than any camera phone. I'd also make the same claim about any point and shoot with the a 1/3" - 2/3" sensor against the 3N. For that matter, the smaller sensor of the Sony RX100 cannot even be challenged by any camera phone. I suggest a little primer on how sensors impact photography. View the charts and note the sensor sizes. I don't mean to suggest the NEX 3N is optimal at all. In fact, I have an NEX 5N but it's my backup camera as I wanted better low light performance and selected a full frame camera myself (Canon 6D), which is what I now shoot. But I certainly go for the 5N well before my camera phone (and it's a Galaxy Nexus less than a year old) because there's just no comparison if I have both cameras in my possession.

Ya so would I, Thats why i bought the sony 3n for the greater ev value over the nikon1.. then for the hell of it i bought the nikon 1 from costco to compair it.

The Nikon 1 showed tree branches in a park in the shadow of the sun where the sony had the highlights boosted in light room up to 100 percent and still could not catch up.


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