What I learned from Gollywop -- and what I wonder

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Re: What I learned from Gollywop -- and what I wonder

Many (most) of the pictures I take with my E-M5 look like sh*t when I inspect the jpegs (which often appear to be wildly overexposed). When I pull them back in the RAW converter, however, the results are better (less noisy) than they would have been if I had tried to make the OOC jpeg look right.

Maybe there is something wrong with your copy of camera. I believe that many owners praise the OOC quality of JEPGs from Olympus.

It seems that there is a misunderstanding above.

The upper statement refers to the JPEGS when the camera (an OM-D) is shooting RAW ETTR.   My camera, a Panny, does the same thing.  My JPEGS look overexposed, which is what would be expected when ETTR in RAW.

Not only are do JPEGS in the EVF/LCD look overexposed, so does the JPEG resulting from RAW Conversion in software.  That is why RAW ETTR shooters usually have to "compensate" by dropping the higher tonal values in post Conversion processing.  I recall a discussion of this "extra" step on some (forgotten) site on the internet.

The second sentence in the second statement refers to the JPEGS when the camera is shooting JPEG.  In this case the shooter is usually aiming for an exposure which optimizes an OOC JPEG.  Nothing to do with RAW shooting.

I hope that this clarification helps.


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