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Re: "Native e-mount..."

D Cox wrote:

Philnw2 wrote:

I wouldn't worry about the price...thats just a negotiating tactic. It'll sell for some compromise between what the company needs and what the market will pay.

Whats far more interesting is the "e-mount" label on the mount and in the text. By using e-mount, i think that means this FF can mount any other full frame lenses out there, with suitable ebay style adapters. Leica can't do that - as far as i know.

I see nothing to prevent legacy lenses being used on the M240, if somebody makes the adapters.

Leica users can already use the Leica SLR lenses.

There're plenty of adapters on Ebay and other places for using most SLR lenses on Leica M compatible cameras. Of course, only the M cameras with LiveView/EVF will be of practical use ( the Leica M240 and the Ricoh GXR )

You'll find rings for any SLR mount ever made. The only difference with NEX or Fuji-X adapters is that the price tends to be much higher. ( i.e. no $10 bargains. )

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