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Ya that does get me about the nikon.. the colors look ... over cooked? just too vibrant..

At henrys i took a picture of the red on the price tags with the d800 then the 5dmark 3 and just looking at the back of the screen you could see that the canon's rendition of red was an exact match to the actual price tag.. the nikons was and orangy florescent what ever just not red..

I dont know if thats just the actual LCD screen quality but surely not even close to the original.

I think i want to be a canon guy but im not thrilled by the sensor offering.... I'll pay someone an extra 500 bucks to put a 30mp xtrans chip into the 5dmark

Alot of people say the chip isnt everything.. i really dissagree..  I know the lense is supposed to paint the picture... but no... its still the chip...

Sony, Nikon and Canon... didn't figure out to randomize the pixel pattern so they dont have to blur it... sheesh... I think we can all agree that sucked.

Well lets hope Fuji comes out with some kick ass mirrorlesses...mirrorlessi what ever the plural for that or DSLRs.

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