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Re: A matter of where, that's all

Although I read a lot of the physics of sensor loading etc, I was not convinced until I experimented with my image capture methodology. As a result, I now have satisfied myself to shoot ETTR when I shoot RAW and to shoot conventionally when I (rarely) shoot JPEG.

That is what works for me. So I guess that my suggestion would be to shoot RAW using ETTR instead of conventionally and then compare the differences when post processing those converted RAW files.


Tom, can you provide us (me) with 3 examples a RAW, a raw ETTR and a JPEG to learn and see what you told us? Please of the same object?

I will probably be able to do after next week when I will have discharged my responsibilities to some kinfolk who are visiting me tomorrow for a week.

I suspect, though, that it might be a waste of time for those on this forum who are more interested in argument than learning.    In those cases it would be wise for them to try their own experiments.

That way they will see what works for them, using their gear, using their software, and, especially using their own competence.

In the meantime I can tell you the fundamental differences, FOR ME, when shooting the GH2:

These are my USUAL camera settings when shooting still objects: Aperture priority (f/ for DoF);  SS to minimize motion blur; lowest possible ISO; AWB; AFS:

  • JPEG fine:     vivid, -1/3EV.  everything else zero'd (usually).  Matrix or centre priority exposure. Small area focus. ( I make changes in extreme light, high speed objects, etc)
  • RAW:      Same settings as above.  Only select RAW instead of JPEG Fine.
  • RAW ETTR:  Standard (no vivid), 0EV (usually), spot metering (using back button to AELock, when I have the exposure that I want), Small area focus (using half press), chimp to check luminance histogram, but especially the RGB histogram to check on the blue and red channels especially.  I do not use a custom WB such as UniWB as I am starting to get familiar with the camera.  Occasionally I will expose well past the right to get good blue and/or red channel loading.

The above works for me.   I see many other (much better) photographers using RAW ETTR (in various forms) to get their quality imagery.  I suspect that the skill level varies quite a bit.  For me the challenges are: getting the best possible exposure, and post -  processing (especially WB, pulling darks without pushing mid tones, avoiding the HDR "look" in high tonal-range images, etc).

I hope that this is helpful for you.


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