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King Redshirt wrote:

Has anyone found the 5D3 to be that much of a diffierence in Dynamic Range? Ususally in comparos you can see better into the shadows with the d800. But I ask because I tested the Nikon 1 against the NEX3n and the NEX on paper showed a better ev of 12 but the 11 ev of the nikon destroyed the Sony... If I still have those pics id love to show you..

Depends on how you shoot the photos.  If you shoot lots of highly contrast scenes and you want to expose on highlight and then push deep dark shadows many stops, then Sony sensors clearly have an advantage.  But to me it's a bad technique that unavoidably show excessive noises/grain with details smeared in original shadows areas, result to surreal leak and possible damage of color tonality. I prefer expose normally on shadow or even a bit of ETTR (expose on right) and still can recover most of highlights.  Sony sensors have about 2-stop DR advantage in shadow areas while Canon and Sony sensors basically tied in highlight headroom.  DR is important but I don't see it's a showstopper. In other sides, Canon has better lens' option (to me at least), more pleasing color tonality and skin tone (many share this subjective opinion) that are equally important.  I own 5D3 but even I build up a system from scratch as today I'd still choose Canon on the reasons I said.

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