Moiré disaster on the E-5

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Re: Stacey

Barry Stewart wrote:

Stacey_K wrote:

OK try this.

I opened the original in CS2 at 100% I see nothing, at 33% I see the issue. If I bicubic downsample to 33% of the original size, it's not there either. This is a problem with soft previewing, not final image downsampling or the image itself.

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Stacey, I'm coming to appreciate what you're saying... though I could make the grain show up at a variety of (de)magnifications from 100%.

My worry was that what I was seeing would turn up for my friend when he went to put his image on the company website — or even before that, when he was choosing which pose to use.

Surely he could/would see the same problem, if I sent shots via e-mail for him to preview. No?

Hey Barry,

A soft blur of the image before downsizing for web use will eliminate this problem. It can happen when you downres because of the detail merging. The level of blur applied is only to prevent the patterning from happening and doesnt soften the reduced file.

Just an FYI, this can happen with many many cameras simply depending on the fabric, lens and distance of fabric to camera.

So just to reiterate, gentle Gaussian blur on the full size file and then reduce file size for web use and provide him with that file.

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