Next NEX $4000.00

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Re: LOL, good point

nzmacro wrote:

stick25 wrote:

Maybe the NEX 9 will have a new FF sensor, (Sigma Foveon comparable). Then $4000 would be a bargain compared to the $6000 Sigma SD1. Oh wait, what’s it priced now?

LOL, there's the answer right there Marketing someone needs to be in prison for Surely Sony wouldn't get sucked into going down the same road. Hmmm, maybe.

That Sigma price wasn't a marketing decision, it was caused by disastrously low yields on the sensor chips.

Once that was fixed, they could sell at a reasonable (but still high) price without losing a thousand dollars on each camera. And they gave a bunch of gear to the early buyers to make up for what they paid.

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