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Re: "Native e-mount..."

Philnw2 wrote:

I wouldn't worry about the price...thats just a negotiating tactic. It'll sell for some compromise between what the company needs and what the market will pay.

Whats far more interesting is the "e-mount" label on the mount and in the text. By using e-mount, i think that means this FF can mount any other full frame lenses out there, with suitable ebay style adapters. Leica can't do that - as far as i know.

I see nothing to prevent legacy lenses being used on the M240, if somebody makes the adapters.

Leica users can already use the Leica SLR lenses.

I have to admire the audacity of Sony - wow.

I have one friend with an A99 and he likes it very much.

On the other hand - this is an announcement of an estimated announcement that is coming from SAR

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