Next NEX $4000.00

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Re: Next NEX $4000.00

Chris 1 wrote:

You're spot on. It comes down to glass, now if that camera was built to accept nikon canon ff glass with a fully functional auto adapter, no forget it 4k are you kidding me?

The 7 is the flagship nex. Updating or upgrading the 7 will show a continued commitment by Sony to the Nex line. Wouldnt a 4k ff, I want to call Nfx-1 result in a basic shift away from the nex line and e-mount. Only good from that would be I could pic up a 24 on the cheap.

My guess is this whole rumor is really about the NEXt Sony 4K TV.

Come on....the FF glass problem can be solved easier than many would think apparently.

Just announce the FF NEX along with three Zeiss FF E-mount FF RF primes. For example 24, 50 and 90. That would be one of the most desirable sets in the photography world along with the RX1R.

For other puposes there are plenty of FF options in the Alpha-lenses, legacy and range finder lenses. Not to forget the APS-C E-mount lenses.

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