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Re: A matter of where, that's all

dcassat wrote:

Really fine examples of photography here. When I take a photograph with a digital camera I want to get as much data as I can to bring home. That's all this is about.

Shooting RAW, once I get my data home I can massage it into high key, low key, no key or whatever with very little effort plus I get to deal with all of the other stuff too (color, contrast, sharpening) if I want.

It's simply an exercise of retaining/optimizing data and avoiding noise. It has nothing to do with the final product beyond that.

All the data buckets of my sensor are full and I get to decide what should be done with it, I'm not sure why this concept is so difficult. If you are a .jpg shooter and want to do it all in camera, this doesn't apply to you except to know you won't loose any capabilities by shooting RAW and you'll gain some creative control.


A great summary!

Being a newbie, I, too was seduced into the Film-> JPEG extrapolation for a while. I was advised to play with the in-camera settings to shoot JPEGs in a way that pleased me, by looking into the EVF or LCD..... and then tweaking them in post-processing software. Did that for a year or so.

I was then convinced to shoot RAW and to convert and tweak in post-processing software. At first I didn't change my image capture methodology from JPEG shooting and therefore missed the full potential of shooting RAW.

I find that some of my photographer friends, especially old f@rts like me, also shoot RAW without realizing the full potential of shooting RAW:  They tweak and play with the image whilst shooting and depend on the EVF/LCD to get their image in the same way that they do whilst shooting JPEGS.

I realized the potential of shooting RAW with ETTR to get good FINAL results by using the EVF/LCD to give me maximal sensor loading, disregarding all of the conventional wisdom re exposing for JPEGS.

In other words I do the same as you, Dan, this:

When I take a photograph with a digital camera I want to get as much data as I can to bring home. That's all this is about.

ie, I work as diligently as possible "to get as much data as I can to bring home."

which is a different objective than getting the very best JPEG image out of the camera (in RAW format) .... if you know what I mean.

Although I read a lot of the physics of sensor loading etc, I was not convinced until I experimented with my image capture methodology.  As a result, I now have satisfied myself to shoot ETTR when I shoot RAW and to shoot conventionally when I (rarely) shoot JPEG.

That is what works for me.  So I guess that my suggestion would be to shoot RAW using ETTR instead of conventionally and then compare the differences when post processing those converted RAW files.


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