What is the most beautiful camera ever made?

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I'm not talking about functionality, just aesthetic beauty.

And I thought the Hasselblad Lunar took the biscuit for ugly.

For me, the best looking would be the Leica III series, original Nikon F, OM1, SL66, early Bronicas (Z, D, S), and any Ebony.

I was hoping someone would reply and say these were ugly. Because beauty is in the eye of the beholder. A camera is a tool. It is like saying which is more beautiful a hammer or a polished gold plated hammer. Who cares.

Well they are ugly, for sure. But some 'tools' are still beautiful, aside from their functionality. Nikon SP rangefinder for instance. Nothing wrong with enjoying that beauty.

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It's nice to say that nice pictures are nice. (sarcasm)

Absolutely. Even a well-finished hammer can be beautiful; hell, even a well-designed knife or multitool can be beautiful, but a gold-plated hammer would be just, well, kitsch...

In his most enjoyable book Planes, Trains and Automobiles Dan Kieran writes about objects that feel good to hold, without the holder really knowing why. One of the people he interviewed for the book gave him a Walther PPK pistol to hold, and Kieran, a self-confessed pacifist, antigun type of chap, without being able to explain why, enjoyed holding and handling the pistol! He was then handed a similar size, Japanese pistol, and the experience was totally different. I know too few cameras myself, but I think many of the really great ones were like that Walther; you just want to hold it and play with it all the time. In fact, the Germans apparently call something like that a Spielzeug, which can be translated as "plaything" or "toy," but it can also refer to something like this.

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