First Impressions of 21mm Conversion Lens

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First Impressions of 21mm Conversion Lens

I just received my Adapter GH-3 and .75x Wide Conversion Lens GW-3 which gives the GR a 21mm field of view. I asked my lovely and patient wife to be a hand model so you can see the size of the adapter and lens mounted on the GR.

I knew that the Ricoh engineers have a long history with the design of 21mm optics (GR 21 film camera, the 21mm lens they designed for Leica mount as well as 21mm converters for previous GRD series. So, I was expecting this lens to be finely made and optically very sharp.

The Lens and adapter weigh 211g which is almost the weight of the GR camera which is 240g. But it's a beautiful piece of glass and has a very solid feel to it. Once you start to handle the camera with adapter and lens mounted, the weight and balance is not bad at all.

Optically, I'm impressed with the lens so far. It exhibits very little distortion even wide open which is quite a challenge if you've had experience with other converters. Here's a quick shot of my painting project at f/2.8 to give you an idea of its sharpness at the edges.

Since I have fond memories of using a 21mm with my rangefinder for many years with Tri-x, I really didn't want to shoot test shots of some damn wall, so here are a few casual images shot with the lens using the GR's B&W effect. Other than adding the frames with Nik software tools, I made no changes to the files from the camera.

Clearly, I will need to shoot many more images with the 21mm converter to fully understand its characteristics, but hope this first look is of interest to some of you.



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