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The problem for me was that I was the ONLY one he told not to take pictures, mentioned 9/11 and pointed at my camera like if it was a potential weapon or bomb.

I think that got lost in all the comments about being mistaken for "an Arab", and how in the world that could happen.. being Hispanic and all.

Although I'm not sure how pointing at your camera labels it a weapon.

Hard to tell if you are joking or being serious, since u have been the only one in this thread having difficulty understanding what the security guard meant.

Am I? You're assuming he thought your camera was a bomb, and I haven't seen anyone else address that. I'm just asking why pointing at your camera led you to that conclusion.

Put two and two together.

What other thought can possible come to your head when someone says you cannot take photos, then mentiones the words "9/11" and then points directly at your DSLR camera?

The thought that would come into MY head would be the reminder that many places stopped photography on private, heavily-populated grounds because of 9/11.

Due to surveillance (scouting) photos, and the uncertainty of how to handle such things... not because they thought DSLRs were bombs.

He certainly wasn't saying it was a nice camera.

Probably due to the oil dripping on the floor ; )

Read the above posts. Another poster mentioned if that it would be smarter and easier to make place a bomb in something small and discreet like a cell phone or small camera. He got the picture.

And I do not know if you have been to Vegas, but basically every place you visit there and any hotel allow pictures to be taken. Whether you are carrying a compact point and shoot or a giant full frame DSLR.

There must be a DSLR camera per every 10 visitors that walk the strip.

The dude came up to ME, not the others who had DSLRs, and told me I could not take pictures with my DSLR, mentioned 9/11 and pointed at my camera. He did not say anything to the blonde American family next to me. If you do not think that is racially profiling someone, then I guess there is no point to discuss this any further.

I agree with your assumptions. He targeted you and nobody else. You will come across people like that guard all over the world. He obviously has a problem with olive skin caucasian people (I'm latin too) ... he might have been a neo-nazi ! On the other hand, some security guards believe that because of the role they are performing, they can dictate whatever they like to whomever they like. It's a power thing.

You were absolutely right to complain.

So it's not ok to assume that all "olive skin caucasian" people might be terrorists (which incidentally I agree with) but it is ok to assume that all security guards might be neo-nazis.


All guards? The poster stated THAT guard may have been a Neo-Nazi, not all guards....which the guess might not be far off since he literally hand-picked me and said nothing to no one else.

You are way too sensitive.

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