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sportyaccordy wrote:

They may be able to make the body for less than $2K, but it's going to be pretty much impossible or mind blowingly expensive for them to make glass worthy of an FX sensor for any reasonable price. The most they might be able to do will be some slow primes and even slower zooms. I forget where I read it but the RX1 has built in algorithms to correct the distortion in the lens. And again that is just a 2.8. It's a bit of a silly exercise.

Yes, I think the lenses would be the main issue. Designing a new (compact and high quality) lens line for such a niche camera seems prohibitively expensive and would take years. Maybe in about 2 years the situation gets better when we have 'organic' type sensors that are less sensitive to the angle of the incoming light rays, that would make using legacy lenses easier.

It does appear that FX DSLRs are getting smaller and cheaper. That makes more sense to me. I think the DSLR form factor makes sense for that kind of performance. Something like an FX EOS 100D with some smartly shrunken lenses could definitely work.

yes, I would love an EOS 6D that gets the 100D shrinking treatment (assuming they don't shrink the viewfinder, and I really want a tilting LCD ...). I'm always amazed how much bigger current FF DSLRs are compared to the Olympus OM-2 that I purchased 35 years ago. OM-2 didn't have AF, but it was a fast and rugged camera with excellent, big&bright viewfinder ... No need to make an FF DSLR much bigger than that.

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