What I learned from Gollywop -- and what I wonder

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Re: What I learned from Gollywop -- and what I wonder

s_grins wrote:

Probably, there is one thing to mention - I do my ETTL/R not by playing with exposure, but trying to find particular spot and camera angle tilt/swing to achieve right exposure when taking shot. I prefer to sweat while taking a shot.

Are you honestly saying that you allow the achievement of what you consider to be the proper exposure for your shot -- something the camera has independent means for accomplishing -- to determine to some degree the perspective and composition of the shot?

That's kind of like trying to drive a car, not with the steering wheel, but by sitting in the back seat and banging back and forth from side to side to attempt to shake the car into the right direction but not really being able to go exactly where you want.

I am also amused that what you write above contradicts your opening salvo that you do not ETTR. But, somehow, none of all this surprises me.

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