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Agreed on the bigger sensor, preferably one-inch. The body doesn't necessarily need to be significantly larger - see m43 snappers like the E-PL5 or APS-C cameras like the NEX series. However the lens for a one-inch sensor would be somewhat larger than that on the X10/X10 if it'd keep the current specs - 28-112mm (FF equiv)/f2-2.8. For me that lens is just perfect as it is, an extended zoom range or faster openings would quickly make it too large for a 'compact' camera. Just let me add that I have something of a gut feeling that the X30 will come with an EVF instead of the current OVF; a deciding feature that would set it even further apart from Sony's soap boxes and other high-end compacts. The modules get cheaper, smaller and better with each generation, we'll get 100% coverage instead of the current 85%, no more parallax errors and corners covered by an extended lens and/or hoods. An EVF doesn't need more space than the current OVF, just some more juice so it's about time to give that camera a decent, ergonomic grip with enough space to hold a bigger battery. Go Fuji !

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