My NX 300 beats my D7100 with kits lenses

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My NX 300 beats my D7100 with kits lenses

What I have learned about my NX300 the past few days, which included a concert and other shoots:

ISO 800 can be used as base ISO, even in a dark venue.

The Touch Focus is simply amazing. Out of 150 shots in a dark and varied lit venue I had three misses, which I think were due to touching my LCD prematurely or in error.

Shot to shot times for Jpeg+Raw encountered not one delay as I was taking up to 10 rapid stills as part of a pano I was capturing.

The remote cord is a bit short. I will see if I can get an extension cord for it.

My 18-55 kit lens and the 50-200 OIS i-lens worked perfectly and was very light to handle compared to my Nikon glass.

I was not 'tired' at the end of the shoot, the NX300 was light and a pleasure to use.

I am very near to deciding to get another NX 300 to back up my NX 300 rather than wait for the Galaxy NX android camera. After shooting the NX 300 I know of no other camera I would want to back up my NX 300.

My German anti-glare screen worked perfectly and had no affect on any Touch function.

With my quick release plate on camera the LCD would not tilt down all the way.

My solution to this is a thick plumber's rubber washer between the camera and the plate,

It gave me enough room between the plate and my camera to downward tilt the LCD while shooting overhead.

My SEF220A flash illuminated the venue enough to capture my shot. For two AA's it is quite remarkable. It was still energized after about 70 flash shots.

My battery lasted to about 130 shots Jpeg+Raw. It was the OEM battery I bought.

I had two other batteries with me, the Samsung and another OEM.

At ISO 800 the noise was just grain with the underlying detail evident. No Chroma noise.

Overall the IQ is extremely satisfying to me and in the back of my mind the phrase 'Boy, did I buy the right camera' kept coming to mind (for my purposes as an event photog - no flames please).

That is about all the important issues I can think about on using my NX 300.

Hope you find this of interest.

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