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fotolopithecus wrote:

kcamacho11 wrote:

So I am in Vegas, and I walk into the MGM Grand.

I have my D7100 hanging around my neck, and me and wife walk towards the main lobby to take pictures of the nice monument they have in the center with the lions.

Get this, and keep in mind that I am a white Hispanic (Cuban):

While I tell my wife to pose in front of the lions statue to take a picture of her, a security guard that was hanging around the area walks up to me and tells me: "You cannot take pictures, sorry." as he looks at me and points at my camera.

I reply with: "Excuse me?" and he says the following: "You cannot take pictures with that. Only with cellphones or small cameras. You know, ever since the whole 9/11 thing....."

Did this fool think I was from an Arabic decent (I do not look anything like an Arab). I do not know how he confuses an Arab with a white hispanic?.....So I imagine that he would say worse to an Indian person that would be holding a DSLR?

Furthermore, he goes and makes up the fact that you cannot take pictures with a DSLR (larger camera) but smaller compact cameras are okay, implying the DSLR can be a type of weapon???

I then looked to my right and saw this American family posing for pics as their dad was shooting a Canon DSLR. Nothing was said to them.

Mind you, this was the ONLY hotel and ONLY place in Vegas where someone told me that pictures with a DSLR were not allowed, or pictures weren't allowed, period.

I then immediately asked for his name, went to the front desk and asked for the Manager.
I asked him if taking pictures with a DSLR was prohibited and he said no....then I explained to him that the Security Guard (told him his name) in the main lobby was saying it was not allowed and was racially profiling me for no reason, bringing up 9/11.

The Manager actually took offense to that and said he would speak with him right away.

What would YOU have done?

Well, I think it's much ado about nothing frankly. I'm as wasp looking as people get, and I've had this same sort of thing happen to me several times. The last time I was on a public dock taking a shot of a ferry boat, when I was told I couldn't photograph the boat. I asked the guy if I looked like I had just rolled off the turnip wagon, and told him that I knew the law on the matter. He walked away, and that was the end of it.

In your case it's a slightly different matter because you were in a private owned building, in which they could apply rules, as long as they applied to everyone equally. I wouldn't go out of my way to look for some hidden ethnic reason for this as the guy just sounds like an uninformed jerk who didn't know any better.

As we go through life we're going to meet an endless parade of half wits, and if you waste you're time being offended by them you'll have little time for anything else, much less photography.

The problem is that, unless you are part of an "ethnic group", you will not understand how often this sort of stuff happens to them.  If the guard would have said "sorry, Sir, we do not allow photos with DSLRs inside this building" it would have been fine, however, that is not what this particular guard said.

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