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Re: I miss your judge for 6D

I agree, again,

I do appreciate all the comments, I have learned through my NEX3n that 16 mp shot in raw does give you a nice large photo, so 22mp would certainly be enough.

That doesnt discount the fact that the d800 can shoot at 20 and have 36 on tap....

And for that NEX having great low light.... just no... if you use that mode that takes  like 5-6 jpegs and stiches them together then yes... it will beat my camera phone.. if you leave it in raw.. then no its not as imressive.. yes you can leave the shutter open on a tripod and controll it manually..... but all things being equal on automatic.. camera phone wins.. the raw's looked so noisy and bandy.

If I found canon to be the better fit for me, ( which most people say is more intuitive) and all of the reasearch says its a better performer....I would buy that

Any way.. actually listening to your advice... looking at lenses and flash systems... which has proven to be superior or more freindly to use?

I would love to spend some time with each system but i dont know how or where to do it..

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