Replace my RX100 with a HX50V?

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Re: HX50V for me

aaanouel wrote:

I agree with Navydad but also with Johnny... it all depends what you want the camera for...

Not having RX100, I've seen that it has excellent IQ and DR but its specs (lens) are not enough for me: RX100 is a bit boring poor versatility camera... but if you are creative person needing good enough IQ for screen viewing and medium format printings (and being practical... do you share your shots or analyze pixels with your audience?), HX50V is A LOT more versatile and if knowing how to apply a bit of PP, you're done for big printings also!.

I'd go for HX50V... without any doubt.

I tend to agree with this. It doesn't really make sense to value absolute image quality above all else simply because it's coming at the expense of something else - versatility (in this case). I used to be a proponent of maximum image quality also, going hiking with a huge MF camera for example. But as you get smarter, you realize that's actually pretty ridiculous. All that matters is what images please you, not some arbitrary level of "image quality". I'm sure this has been debated to death elsewhere. Anyway, all that said, you still want the best quality you can have, so that makes rx100 still a very attractive option.  It can also be argued that it has extra versatility also since you get more low-light shooting options.  Depends on the individual. 

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