Learning more good stuff about Canon FD lenses on the NEX-7

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Re: Learning more good stuff about Canon FD lenses on the NEX-7

SQLGuy wrote:

roundball wrote:

"...A mode with a legacy lens means you set the aperture (with the aperture ring) and the camera will set the shutter speed..."

That was my experience running my tests today:
I set the NEX7 in Aperture Priority mode, manually set an aperture on a Canon FD lens, then as I moved the lens around in and out of different sources of light I could see the shutter speed changing in the viewfinder...which prompted my post.

Canon bodies, like most SLRs, default to working wide-open so you can more easily focus. The exposure they display while you're setting up the shot is an estimate based on the known (transmitted by a pin on the lens) max aperture and the aperture you've selected. IIRC, an A-1, at least, will take a last moment measurement and adjust exposure when it stops down the lens to take the shot.

Anyway, that's default behavior. However, on most, if not all, FD bodies, you can also do stopped down AE, where the lens will be closed down to selected aperture during composition, and you can see actual depth of field rather than wide-open shallow DOF.

On the A-1, this is a plastic lever on the left of the lens; on the new F-1, it's a chrome button on the right of the lens.

Correct...that's the old Canon operation and stop-down lever I was referring to.

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