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You can get a D600 or 6D these days for about $1500 body only while Sony thinks if they add a few bells and whistles to the A99 they can sell it for almost twice that price...even though the sensor doens't perform as well due to the SLT design

And despite the SLT, A99 scores higher than 6D on dxomark. Funny you forgot to add that little part

I wanted the A99, but not for the price. I was able to get the 6D kit for $2,199 and then sold the kit lens for a little over $800 making the price of my 6D just under $1,400. I largely wanted it for available light shooting and the A99 does not outscore the 6D on DxOMark in this regard. The A99 has the better sensor, I suspect, since I also had an RX1 and D600 and know what the sensor is capable of, but the SLT stuff brings it down in low light shooting on the A99, unfortunately. Still, I would have bought the A99 if it was closer in price to the 6D. I managed to get the Canon 50/1.2L and Canon 6D, a potent combo, for less than the A99.

But this isn't about the 6D or A99. I guess my point is that the 6D is a pretty small FF camera that I bought in the high $1,300s new from B&H. If Sony thinks $4,000 is doable for a FF NEX then they aren't getting people like me. I already tried the RX1 for 2 months and I just couldn't justify using a camera with slower AF speeds for the photography I like to shoot. If a FF NEX emerges, then I won't even consider it at $2,000 unless Sony has figured out how to improve the initial locking on AF speeds in lower light.

When shooting in low light you have to consider the a99 has Steady Shot and no flipping mirror. So unless you invest in a good VR lens shooting lower shutter speeds trumps some of the low light performance of the other cameras. I can shoot the a99 at 1/10 a sec hand held while drinking coffee. Depending on the focal length of course.

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