Is it design of new GX?

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Re: Portraits in bright sunlight

Hen3ry wrote:

Show us some of your portraits taken in such bright light that you need 1/8000 to take them, thxbb12. I would be fascinated to see them.

Incidentally, back in the hey day of 35mm -- the 60s and 70s -- all photojournalists shot on Tri-X 400 ASA.


It was demanded of them by publications and agencies for uniformity of processing and handling, and the speed which meant that they were able to shoot at a decent shutter speed with enough depth of field to get something in focus in varied light.

In addition, editors liked the "look" of Tri-X images. It was a great film.

Cheers, geoff

I have lots of shots taken with an APS-C camera at f1.4 and 1/8000 and the problem is even more acute with my G1 so I have no intention of buying a camera with a base ISO of 200.

Yes, years ago we thought ourselves lucky if we had a shutter speed of 1/2000, anything faster than f2.8 was a distant dream and ND's were our best friend but do we want to live in 1952 forever?

Fact is that if this latest Panasonic has a shutter speed of 1/4000, a base ISO of 200 or a crappy sensor made with technology Panasonic has had in its pocket for two years the Nex 6 is availanble and at least has a base ISO of 100.

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