Moiré disaster on the E-5

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I guess you already know this, but...

...there is no moire (at least, not something to be concerned about) in this image.

Also, when you look for deficiencies in an image you must look at it in 100%. A smaller, downsized image can exhibit all different strange patterns which can fool you to edit and PP until your hair turns gray and just make the image worse. While moire can in some cases be a problem, I think in most cases it is due to erroneous resizing, not the camera.

One way to avoid this is to explain customers how to dress (more like how NOT to dress) for a shooting. I know that is not always possible, but never the less, it is worth to advice them and also explain why. Ordinary people don't really think a lot about colour combinations and fabric issues which can be a problem with any camera, not just the E-5.

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