A99 viewfinder - please help

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Re: A99 viewfinder - please help

In one of my posts above I say the pupil is dilated when up against the viewfinder but not with glasses. I think you should read really old threads thoroughly before resurrecting them as presumably the OP has sorted out his problem after all this time.

dw2001 wrote:

seriously, anyone in this thread doubting the OP ever tried to shoot with an EVF in bright sunlight while wearing glasses? I think not..

problem is that the sunlight will hit your eye because there is a gap between eye cap and the eye due to the glasses and since the sun light is like 50 billion times brighter than the EVF of course the EVF will appear dark since the eye is compensating for the bright sun, not for the relative dark EVF, then you would go blind. it's nothing wrong with his EVF at all and you don't have to be an scientist to figure this out..

of course when you are shading of all incoming light in some way and only see the EVF it will look perfectly fine, but this is kind of hard whlie wearing glasses.

I would say this is the main problem with the EVF, I too wear glasses.

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