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Portraits in bright sunlight

tt321 wrote:

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Back in the film days the lenses were just as fast but the top shutter speed was only 1/1000 for the most part. Leica really impressed us for their 1/2000 shutter speed on the SL.

We used ND filters but mostly we didn't think of trying to use f1.4 or 1.2 in bright sun.

Sure, but the reason for wanting to shoot wide-open with MFT is to reduce DOF as much as possible. Remember, you loose 2 stops compared to film.

A 25mm at f/1.4 with MFT corresponds to a 50mm f/2.8 in the film days, so given the shallower DOF with film one didn't have the need to use lenses as wide-open as it's the case with MFT.

Another problem with 1.4 or 1.2 on film is that one could almost never focus accurately enough for these apertures, given the limitations of the MF and AF capabilities of film cameras. The very fast wide open apertures were useful to help one focus accurately to shoot at 2.8. Hence the often atrocious optical quality of these old fast lenses wide open - for most people this was fine.

Show us some of your portraits taken in such bright light that you need 1/8000 to take them, thxbb12. I would be fascinated to see them.

Incidentally, back in the hey day of 35mm -- the 60s and 70s -- all photojournalists shot on Tri-X 400 ASA.


It was demanded of them by publications and agencies for uniformity of processing and handling, and the speed which meant that they were able to shoot at a decent shutter speed with enough depth of field to get something in focus in varied light.

In addition, editors liked the "look" of Tri-X images. It was a great film.

Cheers, geoff

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