Poll: D800E vs. 5D mk III w/ Zeiss 2/35mm ZF

Started Jul 10, 2013 | Polls thread
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Re: Poll: D800E vs. 5D mk III w/ Zeiss 2/35mm ZF

Zlik wrote:

coudet wrote:

Rick Knepper wrote:

D800E (Downsized to match the dimensions of the 5D mk III image)

By doing this, you've completely invalidated your JPEG comparison files.

No, it doesn't. It is one way of comparing both cameras. There are other ways (resizing the 5DmkIII to the D800's resolution, resizing them to an intermediate resolution, or a much lower one, printing both at the same size (big or small), ...), and you might as well compare them the way you want according to the way you use your cameras, but it certainly doesn't "invalidate" this comparison at all.

Well put. Ultimately, I compare everything at the file size I commonly use which is a significant down-size for both models. Downsizing represents about 95% of all applications: professional and nonprofessional but I can understand the upsizing method as well as comparing the unequal, un-resized images as well. That's why the RAWs were provided: for folks to conduct their own examinations.

Perhaps what Mr. Coudet meant was that by providing a downsized Nikon jpeg, he would not be able to manipulate the file as he sees fit and he didn't have time to download the RAW. Of course, Mr. Coudet chose to passive/aggresively denigrate rather than to simply ask for the full-size file. Well, Mr. Coudet, please refer to my post below for the full-size file.

Anyway, I wasn't lazy and downloaded the raw files.

Good decision.

Very quick impression - no shortage of CA from that lens, some aliasing clearly visible, and there is an obvious difference in resolution between the two cameras. D800 is the clear winner.

And good conclusion (even though "clear" winner is a little bit subjective here).

Thanks to the OP for providing the files and comparison.

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