My own little A58 review is online

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Re: My own little A58 review is online

Wow! Dpreview should hire you.  Much better models and a nice easy to read writing style with excellent photography skills.

I'm wondering how you set WB when shooting jpg.  I mean, do you simply select one of the presets (daylight, shade, cloudy ....) or do you actually go in and set the Kelvin?  I shoot RAW exclusively and have the A-77 set for auto WB, but feel Sony is a little too green.  I usually prefer the Lightroom auto which is a little too magenta, so I usually knock it down a little.  What are your thoughts on Sony WB?

Thanks for the nice review and all the photos.  Very cute daughter and handsome dog.

BTW, what's the longest you've ever used a single camera

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Ah ah, boy I wish DPR would hire me, LOL.
Regarding WB I find Sony's auto to be generally good in reliable unless mixed sources. And I agree with you when things get tricky, the green/magenta axis is the one to go beserk... I set WB in all possible ways, depending on my needs and mood. Lots of Auto, some (tweaked mostly) Presets, a little Kelvin (mostly for flash at 4300-4400) and a lot of Custom, which is a breeze to set.
I think the longest I've used a camera was two solid years for the Nikon D100 ! But I'm a very heavy shooter at around (and above) 1k shots a month, so when I've shot the NEX 7 for 7 months for instance, I have deep and extensive knowledge of it
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