Moiré disaster on the E-5

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Barry Stewart wrote:

Thanks for going the extra mile, Dan. See... I'm not crazy!

Tell me this guy's suit jacket isn't made of plywood!

I took this shot of my computer screen with my E-PL5, to show what I am seeing at times.

The wood jacket makes him stand up nice and straight, but he has to take it off to drive his car!

Results of my iPod test: I had to e-mail the file, as I couldn't read straight off my compact disk card (only have an SD card reader — and the iPad only seems to like freshly-shot photos... no copies. Stupid thing, but that's another story). It looks just fine at all sorts of sizes on the iPad, viewed from e-mail. I couldn't get it into iPhoto, as it wasn't from a freshly-shot camera card.

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Well, the fullsize photo you posted looks nothing like that on my monitor.  Basically, if it's the camera, then moire / aliasing is going to be visible in the original file at 100%.  If it only appears when downsampled, it's the downsampling software.

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