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Thank you for the reply. Yes a 1" sensor would be great. I just hope that they keep everything else from the X10/X20 design. I really like the fact that the X20 got an updated view finder that you can actually see information while looking through it. Pretty much like a DSLR would do. Also an articulating screen or at least a titling screen would be great. HHmm. F/1.8? Why not a constant apertureĀ of F/1.4?

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Pan Jurek / Mr. Jerry

lacro wrote:

The rumored X30 Project or Fuji's answer to the Sony RX100 II challenge must fulfil,

  1. many requirements,from the X10/X20
  2. >>>soon<<< and
  3. at a similar reasonable price range < US$ 700 (without mining her bigger sisters' segment, the 100S).

Wouldn't mind the "best >jacket pocket< SIZE camera" (RX100 II), is SMALLER than the best small size cam (X30), provided

  • a broader (24-120) and faster (1.8-2.4) Fixed Zoom LENS (FZL),
  • a bigger SENSOR 1" at least (a Sony RX100 II challenger),
  • the X ×0 compact line EXPERIENCE is kept,
  • a much better LCD resolution,
  • a wider shutter speed range,
  • an even better coverage viewfinder as well as
  • a similar overall DESIGN philisophy, while
  • keeping at least the device quality and IQ standards from her bigger sisters.

Rgds, Carlos

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