Moiré disaster on the E-5

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erichK wrote:

rovingtim wrote:

The moire you see at difference magnifications is the viewer, not the file. Moire like this can also be created by downsizing the file. It is not the fault of the E5.

However, there are colour distortions ... one of the most easily seen is just right of the lapel. You can see bands of colour running right to left that do not exist on other parts of the suit. Some of the worst magenta is near the pocket.

That is aliasing. A camera with a well engineered 'anti' would not have such colour distortions.

True. And as a long time photographer, I do find the current trend toward weak anti-aliasing, and even models completely without them a little ironic. After all, they were originally the way of dealing with this basic weakness of Bayer-type sensors.

...the simple fix is more pixels. which so many fight against.  The more pixels the sensor has, the weaker the AA filter needs to be to avoid aliasing.

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