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Re: "No Littering"

Geoy wrote:

Ladies and gentlemen...the hemisphere!. Geoy.

For me the scene has enough variety in it to spark initial interest, but it doesn't have legs, i.e., I'm not drawn to spend a lot of time in it.

A few possible reasons for this:

> Concrete work in lower right turns out to be a false leading line; it doesn't take me into some area of greater interest -- it just lies there, inert.

> Almost all the people face away, and yet few seem to look at the lovely architecture; in effect most cue the viewer that the dome is nothing special.

> The people don't help consolidate a theme. They're dressed similarly yet are in various separate clusters, lacking spatial or activity ties. Their diffusion reinforces a viewer's dissociation.

The framing seems pushed a little too high -- nipping heels at the bottom, expanse of ho-hum clouds above.

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