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Re: I miss your judge for 6D

I'm doing a similar situation as to what you are looking toward...I have a full time career in architecture, but also do architectural photography part time.  So I'll throw my $0.02 in.

First, either camera is MORE than sufficient to cover needs of any paying client you'll likely get.  I have NEVER had a client question what camera I use or how many megapixels it has.  As long as I deliver quality images they are happy, and I feel I do that.  I've been selling architectural images since my best camera was 12mp APS-C (basically a D300 sensor).  Today I use a 21mp 5D2 with a 13mp 5D as my backup body.  If the 5D2 broke, I would have no reservations finishing a shoot with the "only" 13mp 5D.

Clients that will turn their nose up at a 5D image will be requesting medium format digital before you even sign the contract, so don't worry about 22 vs. 36 or whatever number you think you need, it will be more than enough.  What you think you need vs. what you actually need to sell images are two very different things.  Reading camera forums will make you think you need the latest and greatest to sell a post card.

Basing your choice of system on a single body is the wrong approach IMO.  Bodies come and go like farts in the wind, base it on lenses and flashes and which system you feel will suit your long term needs better.  If the lenses you want are a wash between the two, then MAYBE base it on a body.  Keep in mind that Canon can mount any Nikkor lens (without AF) via adapter, but you can't mount a Canon lens on a Nikon.

Don't be afraid of looking at used equipment either.  You can score tremendous deals on last gen bodies for a fraction of new prices.  Bodies like the 5D2 sell for $1300-1500, and a 10fps 1D3 even less.  Both are cameras pros still use in huge numbers.

Lastly, if you take one piece of advice from my post it's this:  If you are doing this for money you absolutely need a backup body.  Not finishing a shoot due to equipment failure is terrible for your pocket book, reputation and repeat business.  I've had my Canon bodies fail on shoots and my Sony Alphas fail before I shot Canon.  Each time I reached for the backup and finished the gig, with a happy customer.  Backup, backup, backup...failure or accidents will occur at the worst time.  Murphy's law is a SOB that way.

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