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Lou & Andrew re: Where's Waldo?

LouHolland wrote:

Hi Zin,

Zin I've done my best to understand the meaning of Waldo in this image etc. but I failed I think, I guess it is someting like a American folk story and as Andrew pointed out Mobi Dick? (that one I know

In any case, when I see your picture and then the glove that makes me think of a free expression of Mud Fishing I last saw on National Geographic. There they also use a glove to deal with very big Catfish which they grab out of the mud and holes in the bank and which often are as large as the fisher itself and they do this by hand and nothing else.

I consider this a humorous parody



Zindanfel wrote:

Or, "What have you done with Doctor Millmoss?"


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Lou -- Yes. It's actually a double, interrelated parody.

First, on the children's book and game character (Waldo in N. America; Wally elsewhere). Typical are illustrations of crowd scenes in which Waldo/Wally is somewhere to be found only by a careful search. Described here:


The second connection is to an iconic cartoon by James Thurber which appeared in the New Yorker Magazine, in which Dr. Millmoss obviously has been eaten by a large imposing animal, a hippo probably. See link in original post for background on this.

Originally I'd thought to make a play on the Biblical Jonah, but Waldo and Dr. Millmoss seemed like more fun. Thurber has long been one of my favorite humorists/cartoonists.

About the mud fishing, called "noodling." Here's a link to a recent news item about a girl noodling to catch a 32-kilo catfish:


Andrew -- Yes. I did move the lost/castoff glove from among some high-tide detritus a few feet away. The temptation for the set-up was irresistible. If I'd seen the cigaret butt I'd have moved it away before shooting. These and unseen dogpile "landmines" are the bane of wandering photographers.

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