Sony's Vision?

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Re: Sony's Vision?

BJames777 wrote:

After talking with Sony today about a lens that will go beyond 500, it appears they do not have any plans for doing what Minolta had done in the past. I recently re-purchased a Minolta 600mm AF F4 for use with my A77 and A99.

But using a 500mm lens on your A77 is really like a 750mm lens as used on a Minolta film SLR. So use your A77 for telephoto work and the A99 for wider stuff.  Sounds good to me!

Fantastic lens and wish I never sold my original one in the first place. This purchase made me think about the longevity of a lens that was made in 1989 and what is the future with Sonys current line up and the reluctance of other manufacturers to offer alternative lens. Talking with Sigma today they also have no future plans to offer anything beyond 500mm and are considering not producing any more of their A mount 500mm prime specifically due to the fact that Sony seems to not really care about the Alpha line, as far as marketing goes, to the same extent that Cannon or Nikon cares about their lines thus affecting sales. I absolutely love the A77 and the A99 but I am wondering what are the thoughts out there for the future of the Alpha line? Coming from a Minolta background the progression to Sony was a no-brainer. Now......not to sure.

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