Refusal of DWI to deliver purchased item...urgent advice required!

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Re: Refusal of DWI to deliver purchased item...urgent advice required!

Hi Lee, I can understand what you are saying. Just to review the situation, the courier company (DHL) initially attempted delivery and left an undelivered consignment note. Yes, after the initial delivery attempt I did request online for the item to be left at the house. However, in the meantime, the courier company lost the item and delivery could not be reattempted.

DHL has accepted full responsibility for losing the item and in turn compensated DWI.

Thus the issue was never about me attempting to con DWI or DHL, and neither company has accused me of doing this.

So it seems that I am being forced to pay DWI for DHL's incompetence...just not right.

Kind regards

happysnapper64 wrote:

Steve. Unfortunate experience. if I read your post correctly, you gave permission to leave the item on the doorstep? Is it possible that they think you actually received the item, & that you are the one trying to con them? Please, don't misunderstand me, I am not for a second implying this, by any means, it could be their way of passing the blame to you?

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