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Paul Auclair Veteran Member • Posts: 4,743
if i wanted to test/compare ETTR....

against conventional method(s)(ie.a light meter reading or gray card reading) how would i do it or better yet...what should i be looking for?

lets take an 18% gray card for example lit 100% with strobe. very easy and controllable example.

lets say the light meter indicates f5.6 at 250 ISO 200 and the resulting image has an expected peak right in the middle of the histogram.

now i use ETTR and dial aperture and/or shutter value(s) to get +2 EV and the resulting peak is far right (no clipping HLs).

so now i get the RAW ETTR and pull exposure back two stops in PP.

if comparo is done right so far the eye dropper will say both converted RAWs are 128/128/128/ RGB but what am i looking for as far as better IQ and why ETTR is better?

less (read) noise?

has anyone done this?

*my final output is usually always print.

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