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Re: Wrought iron door, Arts & Crafts style...


If I try to lift the shadow part you will see probably some posterisation as I've used that filter to bring out the structure of the Granite in a separate layer. Also the shadow part is created, so it would reveal now a bit of the space and structure behind that gate which makes it a bit misterious. This one comes out of a series which is used for bringing some attention to the new fenomenon Flexworking which this building is turned into. It's a very nice building, google on "Red Elefant" The hague and you will see more of that beautiful but enormous building.


BTW this image is exactly what is shot, no cropping. Thats important when it got be used for printing.


19andrew47 wrote:

Lou, I like the off centre position of the 'door' and also the detail, highlights and texture in the stone work. The door itself is interesting in that it appears to be embellished with strange contraptions that would normally have a purpose but do not appear to have one here, other than decorative. What happens to the image if you try to lift the shadows slightly in the top of the doorway? Does it detract or add? Sometimes I can't tell without actually trying it and this is one of those times.


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