Best Small Shoulder Bag for XE1 3 Lens Kit

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Re: Best Small Shoulder Bag for XE1 3 Lens Kit

One thing which has been overlooked in all of this discussion is the overall weight of the bag itself.

I have about 5-6 different Billinghams of various sizes from the tiniest all the way to full backpack [all over 25 years old and still waterproof], a couple of Tenbas [also over 25 years old], a Domke or two and a few other oddball custom bags of various sizes; apart from the small Tenba and the small Billingham the weight of all these bags can be excessive when full and used for long periods - especially where the straps are poorly designed; with many cases it may be necessary to either replace the strap with a better one, or add a different shoulder pad such as the aircushion items from Optech.

Recently I looked at a couple of the Manfrotto bags at Calumet in London and compared them with equivalent sizes from Billingham and Domke; in particular I was checking the Manfotto Unica range. The relative empty weight is much lower when comparing size for size with other bags and the range has a built in [waterproof] tripod compartment. I suspect the Unicas range would probably be too small to take your full range of lenses, but it happily took my X-Pro plus the 18-55 and a couple of Nikon primes [24mm and 135mm] with just enough room for the X20 as well.

Re point made earlier about snug fitting bags: total agreement. When the bag is too snug there's great danger of battery drain.Also applies if you use one of Tim Isaacs' Thumbs Up grips; if the bag fitting is too tight you'll have problems.

In my own view a good bag that will handle anything more than a body and 2 lenses should also have the option to use a waist belt as well: this relieves some of the strain when attempting to move quickly and ensures you're not totally off balance; it's a useful half-way house to a backpack.

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