Best Small Shoulder Bag for XE1 3 Lens Kit

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Re: Best Small Shoulder Bag for XE1 3 Lens Kit

Lawrence Fleischer wrote:

Wow. Thanks for all the advice. I guess bags are really a big deal. Very personal. I have several backpacks but they are inconvenient for quick changes so I'm looking for a shoulder bag.

The Billingham Hadley Small looks very appealing, but the price...

The ONA looks nice but it appears to be too small for the zoom.

I think I have it narrowed down to 3 possibilities: 1) Tamrac 5723 Zuma 3; 2) Think Tank Sub Urban Disguise 30; or 3) Tenba Photo/Laptop Mini Messenger.

I have a couple of Tamrac backpacks and they have always fared well with me so that may be the way I'll go, except the Tenba looks like it would also be very effective.

I think I'll head down to B&H and take a first hand look at them all when I get a a chance. It's a 50 mile trip for me but it may be the thing I have to do.

Just to reiterate the Think Tank Mirrorless Mover 30i will definitely fit the Fuji 55-200 height wise and can be used as a reference height as you look at bag specs.

The Think Tank Retrospective 5 should work as well as the Domke F-6 Little Bit Smaller bag, I like the Ballistic material version better than the canvas version of the same bag.

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