UV 2A filter makes purple fringing go away: thank you Anders W!

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UV 2A filter makes purple fringing go away: thank you Anders W!

No filter

s14mm f/2.5 @ f/6.3 with Tiffen Haze 2A filter

Anders W, who is the smartest contributor to this forum, was right!

The same above shows the same photo take without and then with a Tiffen Haze 2A filter. You can clearly see there is less fringing using the filter.

And you will have to take my word for the additional observations:

  • There was also an improvement using the Tiffen Haze 2A filter with the m.Zuiko 14-42mm IIR lens. But it was not as dramatic because the m.Zuiko 14-42mm IIR lens doesn't produce as much purple fringing as the 14mm f/2.5 pancake lens.
  • Using a Hoya UV(O) filter (which I think is a 2C filter and not a 2A filter and thus it blocks less UV light) there was also some improvement, but not as much as with using the 2A filter.
  • I didn't notice any glare or loss of contrast using the filter, but I was standing in the shade and it was kind of cloudy.

So from now on, I intend to always use the Haze 2A filter when taking pictures out doors, regardless of what lens I'm using.

But it's unfortunate that no one seems to sell a 2E filter which is even stronger. And it's unfortunate that there are no 2A filters in 37mm or 46mm which are both common filter sizes for m43 lenses. With the step-up ring and a 52mm filter, you can't use the lens hood with the m.Zuiko 14-42mm IIR. And it's unfortunate that Hoya doesn't make such a filter because they have superior coating on their filters while Tiffen filters are uncoated (although I didn't notice any damage to the image caused by that).

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