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Re: Changing contrast without distorting colors: 45% rule and another cat

Tom Axford wrote:

Forgive me, but I am very slow and am having considerable difficulty in fully understanding your argument.

I'm pretty slow at this stuff too. To make things worse Ilza has marked me as a humanities major presumably incapable of understanding the difficulties involved. However, I'll muddle on as best I can...

I think that the crux of the problem is understanding what you mean by your "N% rule". In your image labelled 100%, I can see that it has 100% of the original saturation.

Yes, by N% he's talking about the % of the original saturation (pre-contrast adjustment) to be applied to the adjusted image.

But your image labelled 0%, has more saturation to my eyes, not less, and it certainly isn't 0% saturation as that would imply a b&w image.

The original image has relatively low saturation. The contrasty new version has relatively high saturation. 0% refers to the opacity setting not the actual amount of saturation. Thus, his 0% means 0% of the relatively low original saturation is being used and 100% of the relatively high saturation is being used. Conversely, 100% opacity means 100% of the relatively low saturation of the original image is being applied.

I am obviously misunderstanding what you mean by the N% rule. Can you explain in more detail, please?

As to the realism of the various images, I agree with you that the most realistic images are those in between your 0% and 100%. To be honest, I would not care to make a judgement between your 40%, 45% and 50%, they are just too similar for me to be able to say which is most realistic.

All the variants look like crap to me. But, hey, what do I know? I'm just a naive humanities major...

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