Sony's Vision?

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Re: Sony's Vision?

I am not at all sure with whom you may have been talking who said definitively that Sony has no plans for a 600, or that Sigma also has no plans for long Sony-mount glass. It would have had to have been the head of Sony's Imaging Division. People who are available to be talked seldom know anything whatever about corporate plans, even near-term.
However, Sony's new president has repeatedly and forcefully said that he is counting on the Imaging Division, including the Alpha division, to spearhead Sony's recovery. And he has specifically said, repeatedly, that he will move Sony forcefully into professional sports photography. This was not PR, but something he has been telling his stockholders & the financial press.

These statements have been supported by Sony's continuous work on improving AF, and otherwise increasing the usability of Sony cameras for sports photography, and by Sony's introduction, over the last several years, of a series of excellent long primes and zooms. I believe that Sony will continue that effort, on all fronts, because I believe Kaz Hirai, that sports photography (and by extension wildlife photography) will play a big role in Sony's future.
And, by the way, I know that Sony has been working with wildlife and sports photographers in furtherance of this vision.

Though we don't know much at all about them yet, the upcoming E- and A-mount FF cameras, and the other upcoming A-mount cameras, sound very exciting.

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