Moiré disaster on the E-5

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"Disaster" is a bit strong.

Barry Stewart wrote:

A friend needed some head shots for a new job he started and he asked me to do the shoot. I brought my E-5 with ZD-50 — as well as my E-PL5.

I stayed with the E-5, though once I got back to my computer, I saw that his suit was turned into wood grain from all the moiré. Rather than reshoot, I used a gausian blur on the suit.

A real pain... and I wonder if the E-PL5 would have been bothered by it. I know my E-1 or E-330 would have done just fine.

Others are forewarned about this potential problem, due to the missing AA filter. I only edited the best 12-15 shots... but I would cry if there were 5 guys wearing the same suit at a wedding!

Sorry... the moiré pattern only seems to show on certain magnifications. This, at least, shows that it was a fairly ordinary suit.

I see color moire on the right (his left) of the suit, but it's relatively mild, in my opinion.  So, either I'm missing the disaster, or your standards are higher than mine.

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