Is it design of new GX?

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Re: Is it design of new GX?

highwave wrote:

l_objectif wrote:

If the size is accurate, then it is too big for me. I loved the GX1 design because of its size!

This saddens me because I have been waiting for this hi-end "portable" camera for some time!... Now I have to consider something else!

Looking at this picture here:

it would seem it's hardly that much larger than the GX1 (please note that it's shifted slightly to the left with respect to the GX1 so the left side extra dimension is exaggerated due to this)

I wouldn't worry about the size. It looks very small.

I sure hope Panasonic sells tons of this thing. They deserve a winner to put them back on the spotlight.

Yes the new GX7 appears to be very small about 2.8" high by 5" wide?

Looking at the sketches one can not help wondering just what the Gxxx will be and how small since rumored to be high grade enthusiast aimed so will use many of the same components.

Just place the inbody flash where the EVF is now and the control wheel where the flash was which would permit reducing the width by up to 0.5" and if they wanted to reduce the height they could lower that by up to 0.3" to top of lens flange and move the controls and buttons some.  Result mini m4/3 size of only 2.5" high by 4.5" wide with all the goodies rumored for the GX7 outside of EVF which will be optional via hotshoe.  I think it will look very much like a mini L1 sans lens and hope both come with quality metal bodies.  Just my wildest dreams.

Since the Gxxx is rumored to be announced early in 2013 I hope that the GX7 will become readily available soon after introduced but probably not in volume until Xmas time which is a must.

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