Glass or sensor limited?

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Re: Glass or sensor limited?

Hi Tim,

I'd say it's a bit of both, more MP's and better glass will help, but there's more to it than that, a lot more. There are techniques and tips that will give you sharper photos even with a "kit' lens or older camera. If you're already using these, I apologize in advance. There's no way to tell how much exoerience another member may have.

Are you stopping the lens down or shooting wide open? Very few, if any, lenses are at their best wide open. Even a 1/2 stop down will improve the resolution, corner sharpness and I.Q.

Are you using a lens hood? Flare, glare and ghosting will cut contrast, making the photo appear hazy or flat.

Higher shutter speeds. Even the tinest bit of camera shake will 'fuzz out' whatever sharpness the lens/camera is capable of. A photo shot (hand-held) with the kit zoom will usually be sharper at 1/250s than at 1/125s, all things being equal

Camera support. If conditions are such that slow shutter speeds (1/90 down to 1/15s) must be used, a monopod or tripod will save the day. Also, raising the ISO might get the shutter speeds back where they're safe to hand hold. A 'noisy' photo that's otherwise sharp is much better than a blurry one at ISO 100!

But, more MP's and better lenses are great, too!


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