Best Small Shoulder Bag for XE1 3 Lens Kit

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Re: Best Small Shoulder Bag for XE1 3 Lens Kit

Lawrence Fleischer wrote:

All: I have the XE1, the 18-55mm, 14mm and the 55-200mm zoom. I'm looking for the smallest shoulder bag that can accommodate the camera and the 3 lenses. Any ideas? Thanks in advance for your assistance.

Good suggestions above, but most seem to be either generous in size meaning they can fit more than you listed is necessary, or admittedly may struggle to fit at least the zoom lens. So since I have a fairly similar sized kit to yours, I wanted to throw this option out there for you...

Tamrac Zuma 5720

I use this bag as a small, light travel bag for my NEX-5N with EVF attached, along with my 18-55mm kit lens, 16mm pancake plus ECU1 wide-angle adapter, and 55-210mm zoom.  The bag almost exactly fits that kit - you could replace one of the lenses with a different lens option, but you're pretty much right at the bag limits with 3 lenses and camera body (one lens attached to the body, the other two riding along).  It has a narrow front zippered section which can handle batteries, cleaning cloth, memory cards, and the like.  There is pretty much NO spare room in this bag, at all.

My NEX-5N is shorter than your XE-1, but if you include the bulky height of my add-on EVF, it's actually a little taller, yet still fits in this bag.

If I leave the 55-210mm zoom at home, I can take something like a 50mm F1.8 manual lens along instead, which takes up less height in the bag, allowing me to squeeze my sunglasses into the bag on top of the lenses and camera.

I'm fairly sure the lenses are all fairly similar in dimension - my 55-210mm lens is 4.25" long compared to yours at 4.6" or so.  The only configuration you likely couldn't do in this bag is to have the 55-200mm lens attached to the camera, as I think it might be just a bit too high to get the zipper closed.

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