Why Olympus is the best camera brand

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Re: Why Olympus is the best camera brand

Mikhail Tal wrote:

they have a proud tradition of producing high-end cameras and lenses back to the film days

The manual focus film days ... they disappeared during the AF generation.

that they are determined to live up to no matter if it is a small expense to them.

How has the four thirds system been expanding for its users ?

And what's more, Olympus is most of all concerned with what features and specs photographers really want in a camera, even at the midrange and entry level for interchangeable lens cameras

What entry level camera do they offer that has a viewfinder ?  How long did it take them to come out with a portrait prime while users compared notes on which legacy 50 was the best ?

When cellphone cameras eventually wipe out the small-sensor compact market entirely, that's going to be a real problem for, say, Nikon, which simply can't afford not to make a sizable profit selling cameras. Olympus, on the other hand, already can see the writing on the wall and is significantly scaling down its compact camera lines in anticipation of the switch to cell phones.

So Nikon is still making money on compact cameras and seeing a smaller decline than any other manufacturer, yet Olympus is the best brand because it's throwing in the towel ... going down without a fight.

It could not be more clear that Olympus is committed first and foremost to the interests of photographers

Except fans of Olympus compacts, or Olympus four-thirds, or any Olympus users back in the 1980's who would have liked an Olympus autofocus SLR, or any Olympus m43 user looking for a fast zoom or a fast tele (longer than the 75) or anyone looking for a camera with a viewfinder at a reasonable price.

Also, before you get too carried away with the notion that Olympus doesn't care about losing money, remember the huge scandal in 2011 when it was revealed that Olympus was hiding the fact that they were losing money.

Olympus is just another greedy corporation.  No better than the rest and worse than some.

- Dennis

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